Abstract realist painter Renee Dumont works and lives in a little stone cottage on a sparkling lake located in the state of Massachusetts. Renee quickly became a full time, best selling artist in 1983 when she was hired to work under the direction of artist William C. Perry painting large murals throughout New England for corporations, restaurants and the U.S. government. In addition to the inspiring illustrated paintings she creates, Renee has painted commissions for private collectors across the U.S. and Canada.

Renee states, "I painted a lot as a kid beginning at age 4 and I was always looking to make those coloring books look like Picasso paintings. I suffered much bullying as a little girl and found peace and contentment when my mind was consumed by being in a creative state.

At age 11 my Mom brought me to a 12 Step Meeting Program to help me with binge eating and my spirit was moved as I found peace and healing from a poster with a quote that said, I know I'm somebody cause "God Doesn't Make Junk". Since then I have been practicing the 12 Steps Program with Christ my healer and the Holy Spirit Power that strengthens me in times of hardships. I love painting and being a universal voice of God's Love, healing, peace and beauty to people of all languages.

"I give credit to that one inspirational poster, that happened to be a "Turning Point" for me at a 12 Step Meeting one day". And so, my hope is that my viewers find that kind a life changing experience with some of my paintings to fill their mind and atmosphere with my inspirational wall art.

When I was growing up I grew into my teens I got interested in fitness and nutrition, as well as dancing, music and all of the other teenage stuff as my artistic desire grew a lot more serious. At age 19 I decided to go to college to earn a degree in fine art. Since 1981 I consider myself a full time artist since graduating in 1983.

I have had the privilege to work for a publisher Wisdom Scenes INC. which involved creating a ten piece collection of illustrations that inspire children to express love, kindness and respect. I have also been hired to create several magazine covers over the years.

Today I paint in either oil or acrylic paint. My oil painting are high quality works of art as I chose to paint on panel just like the Old Masters. My acrylic paintings are painted on canvas and I paint the entire canvas as a museum wrap making the work affordable and they look gorgeous on the wall with no frame.



My passion is to encourage my viewer with thoughts of hope. My art is a lesson, a moment of prosperity, the emotion of joy, a story we learn as we look back at history, and the experience of time in my heart and soul when I am making art that seems to take on a life of it's own.

In addition to being an artist I am also a health coach. I wrote and illustrated my own book about my life's journey to overcome binge eating entitled, Fixing My Fattening Life”. The book tells the story of how the "Grand Weaver" has blessed me with insight for living which has put me on a mission to teach and encourage others to stay positive and never give up on life. So, I carefully balance my time as a health coach and working as an artist using both my art, and my knowledge in nutrition and fitness to coach people who struggle with lifestyle related illnesses, and poor thinking patterns.

"The events in my life, my marriage, becoming a Mom, laughter with people whom I adore, bereavement of those dear to me, occasional triumphs, hardships and ongoing challenges are all reflected in the paintings I create. Every painting is charged with my emotions and my spirit of faith which I believe is moved by God himself. I do have faith and a deep love for nature and our country and I seek inspiration everyday that can help each of us find peace.

"THAT’S why I do what I do, and why I go to the lengths that I go to. I believe people only respond to Passion, Authenticity and The Authority of Experience." "My clients and members KNOW that I know, and so May God Bless You.”


I have had no formal training at all to learn the technique of painting or learning the skill itself. My education began at CCRI in 1981 where I achieved a degree in Fine Art but not painting techniques. I was soon introduce to a renown artist William C. Perry who I give credit to for pushing me beyond whatever limits I thought I had. Mr. Perry was my boss and mentor for over 14 years and I gained much encouragement and support as an artist in my early years. I later continued my education in 2003- 2005 at the Worcester Museum of Art in Massachusetts to improve my skills in the area of extended light and color.


2012-2014 Silver Circle Gallery CT
2015 Oxford Public Library
2016 Oxford Public Library
I have participated in many exhibits with CIVA for many years, but only Online exhibits only since 2012.


* I have over 25 years of experience accepting custom commissions.
*I had the privilege to present a portrait I painted as my 1st public unveiling for town officials in 1997 and I have been commissioned for many more custom paintings and public unveilings since then.
* I have a real love for painting figure's, faces, animals, and national landmarks for private and public collector's.
*Also, I have had the privilege of painting many illustrations for covers of magazines, Wisdom Scenes Publisher - illustrating inspirational art that express insight for children's well as working for the government beginning in the early 90's.