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bursting with love

Medium: painting

Subject Tags: abstract landscape painting, spiritual nature, nature-inspired, plants, abstract

Media: oil

Size: 24.0in W x 20.0in H x 1.0in D

Year Created: 2017

Ready to Hang

20x24 Oil On Panel - Bursting with Love was created as part of a collection for my publisher WISDOM SCENES. http://www.wisdomscenes.com This painting was Inspired from - The Hebrew word for “olive tree” is es shemen, which literally means ‘tree of oil.” It is from a primitive root meaning “to shine.” It means “richness, anointing, fat, fruitful, oil, ointment, olive.” It is related to the word shemesh, “to be brilliant,” and which also is the Hebrew word for the “SUN,” that brightly shining orb in the sky.

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