Bd8fc04c8dd78524bc03finding peace renee dumont art

Finding Peace

Medium: painting

Subject Tags: inspirational, faith, figurative, illustration, people

Media: oil

Size: 20.0in W x 24.0in H x 2.0in D

Year Created: 2017

Ready to Hang

Renee states, "When I am filled with a vision and I begin to paint on my blank canvas, I feel like I am hearing that certain song that comes on the radio and BOOM - I'm being lifted up and carried away and it feels as though I'm soaring above my hardships. My brush seems to move faster than I think and that's when I feel most confident that there is a power within me that is moving my soul and directing each brush stroke. And so I’’ve had thousands of conversations, letters and emails that began with ‘this picture reminds me so much of…’""When art ‘clicks’ it triggers an emotional response.

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