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Heavens Call

Medium: painting

Subject Tags: dogs, winter, animal, illustration

Media: oil

Size: 12.0in W x 9.0in H x 2.0in D

Year Created: 2007

9x12 Oil on panel - Inspired from my love of my Siberian Husky's. Known for their "Almost Human" type behavior. We are being reminded that it is not always the destination that is important. The journey towards your destination is equally important if not more important than actually getting there. Making the right choices now can greatly ease your experience and expediate any conflict and hardship along the way. Use your instincts to guide you and always stay centered to your sense of what is home to you. You have the inner strength and knowing to tread lightly through difficult terrain and to navigate through without leaving destruction in your wake.

$480 (Shipping Included)

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