4a69dd84e992130e32c9the deer up north

The Graceful Deer

Medium: painting

Subject Tags: forest, nature, landscape, animal

Media: oil

Size: 24.0in W x 20.0in H x 1.0in D

Year Created: 2005

This 18x20 Oil on Panel Painting was inspired while visiting our land in the White Mountains of NH are the white tail deer. I love knowing that the deer are among the most graceful of all hoofed animals. They are known for their swift running and their ability to jump. Up in the right hand corner is the memory of the historical "Old Man Of the Mountain" the rocky earth at the edge crumbled down the cliff. A work of art that gave a REAL feeling of the presence of the creator. This painting makes a wonderful addition to any living room decor or office.

$2440 (Shipping Included)

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